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Well, I started a blog

>I have never considered myself a “trendy” person. I think anyone who knows me would agree. Do you think having a blog is trendy? If so…oh well! It isn’t like I am not on facebook and twitter, because I am. I have always loved to write, to express my thoughts and opinions on a page, but have never explored the avenue of blogging…well now I am. We’ll see if I am faithful in my pursuits…or if anyone cares. Then again, this is for me, so it shouldn’t really matter!

I guess I feel like I am ready to do all kinds of things I “always wanted to do.” After all, I am recently married, and feel like the world sits at my fingertips, if only I grasped it!! Marriage has been amazing (in the two short months I have been acquainted with it). There isn’t much better than hanging out with my husband on the couch, watching a Giants game in the evening! I am not a great cook, but I love attempting to make dinner for him and he appreciates my efforts…I think!

We are now about to embark on a pretty scary, but seriously exciting adventure; house hunting. I didn’t think we would be ready this early, but it turns out, we ARE! So this week it began, loans, house hunting and the whole bit…pretty crazy and amazing stuff. I am so excited, but it seems surreal. How can I seriously already be at this point in my life? Marriage? Buying a house? I know, I know…the next step is obvious…a dog of course 😉

So I will likely be posting about adventures in house hunting over the next several weeks…hopefully with a positive spin. I know it can be a harrowing tale…I guess we’ll see. I do know one thing, life is never boring with Derek and this will be no exception. However, I wouldn’t miss a minute of this crazy life!


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