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This isn’t going to be easy

>Not that I ever thought it WOULD be, but house hunting is not going to be easy. Our very first day turned out to be a disappointment as our Realtors were not able to meet with us, so we couldn’t see inside of any homes. Instead, we took the opportunity to drive around ourselves and look at the outside of some houses that were on our “list”.

It is frustrating because it seems like every house has something that we would consider “a deal-breaker”. Our short list of deal breakers?
Next door (or close down the street from) a school
Next to empty lots
Small or no backyard
Super dumpy yards in the neighborhood….

Call us picky, elitists or whatever you will, but this isn’t a small decision. We are talking a HUGE purchase and potentially a house we might raise our children in. I think we have the right to be picky. That said, it just makes it hard and frustrating. I would love to just drive up to a home and go, “Yes, this is it. There is NOTHING wrong with it that can’t be fixed or changed, it is in our price range and has everything we want.”

I know that isn’t reality. I have watched enough of my friends go through this process to know it is slightly painful so I know what to expect. So what DO I want in a house?
Well since you asked…
Spacious kitchen
Double sinks in the Master bathroom
Room for a Cal King sized bed
A family room/living room that is open or connected to the kitchen
Large enough backyard for a BIG doggy (or two)
A bathtub that isn’t a shower/tub combo

That is my short list. I don’t thinking I am asking A LOT, but maybe I am. There are things I am willing to compromise on, some things I won’t. Only time will tell what I will have to compromise on, but I do know one thing. God has a plan, a purpose and a will for our lives. Even something like house hunting does not escape His attention. He has a house for us already and He will lead us to it in His perfect timing. I just need to remember that and trust in Him…THAT is always the hard part! Jeremiah 29:11


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