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Ah Monday…

>There is something amazing and magical about Monday that makes it unlike ANY other day of the week. Is it my over indulgence in weekend fun hangover? Not getting up at 6:15am for two days grumpiness? The knowledge that I have 5 straight days of co-workers, computers and dress-up? Or could it be that everyone drives like idiots on Monday morning?

Yes, yes, yes and YES….Also, in my job, because I periodically work on the weekends, as I did this weekend, I lose a full day of weekend-ness and get the two day vacation SHAFT! It throws off my entire weekend mind-set. It is impossible for me to leave work on Friday and turn off my work brain knowing that I am just going to have to fire it back up on Saturday morning…getting up at 7am doesn’t help either.

Needless to say, this morning after peeling myself out of bed, pouring myself into the shower and piecing an outfit together (I didn’t exactly break any fashion records today, trust me) I made it to the car.

So we have all heard the term “Sunday drivers” right? Does anyone feel me on the “Monday-morning” drivers? I understand that we are all driving in a sleep-induced fog and barely making it, but seriously, can we all pull our head out of our…you know…long enough to drive to work without a complete driving FAIL!?

I must have seen 3 near-accidents this morning, 4 merging issues, 3 people run red lights, 2 people not GO at a green light and one guy just really pissed me off when it was his turn to go at the stop sign and he just sat there looking at me like I was the idiot…as if everyone forgot how to drive over the weekend.

Ok, that was my vent…head has now shrunk back to normal size. Despite all of that, I made it to work in one piece only to sit at my desk and stare at my computer as if I have never seen it before…Monday? FAIL


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