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Getting my hopes up…

>The trouble with house hunting is…you get your hopes up. Inevitably, they are going to be dashed at some point! Tonight we are actually going to look INSIDE of houses for the first time. Sunday I thought we were going to, but we weren’t given the chance…I suppose that was a small hope dashed. Tonight, we are going to visit a house that peaked both Derek and mine’s interest IMMEDIATELY…not good right? Destined for disappointment 😦

Remember that “short-list” of wants that I wrote out a few blogs back…I believe (from the pictures and neighborhood) that this house fits the bill! That in itself is encouraging. So what is the downside? Well, it is a short-sale so that sucks…but what house isn’t these days? Just means that we may be waiting months before we hear back anything…if we make it to the offer phase.

While lying in bed last night, listening to those stupid dogs upstairs from us scratching on the floor or whatever the hell they do every night, I tried not to think about what it would be like to have our own house. Then it would be MY stupid dog scratching on the floor!! S-W-E-E-T!

No, but seriously, the thought of having a yard to hang out in, and a much bigger space to entertain in is SO appealing to me. Despite Derek’s prickly demeanor, he LOVES to entertain and we want a place to do that in. A backyard to BBQ and throw the ball in. A living room to gather around the HD TV and watch a Saturday night UFC PPV…

Most importantly, we want a dog and a place to keep a dog )a.k.a a backyard). For those of you who are sappy, yes, we even want kids someday. However, we never wanted to have kids in our condo…we are too claustrophobic with just the two of us…not saying we are anywhere near ready for kiddos, but at least with a house we would be PREPARED for the unexpected!!

To me, a house isn’t just a owned piece of property, it is a gateway into the next phase of our life. A key to the future that Derek and I have waited SO long to build together. Yes, we are building it now and loving every minute, but we are holding back…we don’t want to hold back anymore.
I want future building FREEDOM!


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