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A Firework-less 4th

>I know that Independence Day is about America, Freedom and all that stuff…but let’s be honest, it is also about FIREWORKS! I love fireworks…I think they are the best…Part of that might have to do with my pyromaniac tendencies, but I think they are fun, beautiful and mysterious.

On the 4th, it is fun to do fireworks at home, but I also love to watch sky displays as well…Yes they are romantic, but that is hardly the reason I love them!!

This year was the first year that I can EVER remember not seeing fireworks of some sort on the Independence Day weekend…seriously, in my whole life…

Yes we had the opportunity, shoot, I probably could have stepped out my door and stood in the parking lot of my complex and glimpsed the fireworks being shot off at Cal Expo, but I didn’t. We could have joined in on some neighborhood parties with friends and family, but we didn’t. I even could have gone to my work and took advantage of a primo balcony seat to watch the Cal Expo display from across the street…but we didn’t.

My point is, it is my own fault. Derek gave me ample opportunity to make up my mind about what I wanted to do, but I didn’t say any of those things…so instead we had dinner and rented a movie and I missed out on the fireworks…it made me a little bit sad. The bright side is, I learned my lesson…I want fireworks on the 4th, either at home on the street or in the public sky…give me freedom or give me death, but I want to see those fireworks!!


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