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Just show me the HOUSE!

>Why do people hire Realtors? What is a Realtors job?If I want to see inside a particular house (if it is possible) than show me inside the damn house as soon as you can arrange it! Don’t try and talk me out of this or that because it MIGHT make more work for YOU.
I am PAYING you to work…DO YOUR JOB….

Wow…ok…that rant, as “out of left field” as it may have seemed, was SO needed.

Short Sales…a pain in the neck…yes

Sitting available all over the Greater Sacramento area (particularly in West Sacramento where we are looking) you better believe it.

So when I ask to go see inside of a Short Sale home, don’t tell me that I should stay away from short sales…just make the call and show me the house. I’ll decide what I should or should not stay away from. First up on my list will likely be you and then you’ll be wondering what kind of advice you SHOULD have given….

I guess today I will be researching a new Realtor instead of the next house I want to look inside…not that I am angry or anything…


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