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Round #2

>We were warned when we began our house hunting that we may use and/or “go through” multiple Realtors…seems a bit silly but, come to find out, TRUE. Tomorrow night we are going to meet with Realtor number 2…and hopefully the last one we’ll need! I’ll admit, as you may have caught on in my last post, I was pretty pissed with our last experience…

Not that I have any prior house purchasing experience to draw from, but I have some expectations about my Realtor and what they are getting paid for…top of the list? Do everything in your power to show me the houses I ask to see…Coming in at a close second is answering your email in a timely manner…this is the age of computers…not to mention, I know you make enough money to sport a Blackberry…those emails are going straight to your cell phone…WRITE BACK!

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get set-up with this new chick and get this process going again…there are several more houses we would like to see inside of, and that one house (Trinity) I liked is still on our minds…you never know. The bottom line is, we need to know what our options are and we need the best possible person to help us find them out…hopefully we are on the right track now!

If not, I might have to kill someone 🙂


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