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The King has been out-classed

>Well this will be my first sports related blog, but I DO follow the sporting world…

The actions of LeBron James yesterday were selfish, classless and immature. Not that I was a hard-core fan anyway, but he completely lost my respect in light of his behavior. To string along your fans and your franchise for days on end, only to hold a one hour, world-wide press conference which you arrogantly pass off as an attempt to raise funds for charity, in order to draw MORE attention to yourself is beyond comprehension….

First of all, everyone was closely watching your actions ANYWAY. You’re LeBron James, and a free agent. People are slightly interested. Having a one hour “DECISION SPECIAL”, as they called it, was redundant. It further angered me that he tried to play it off like he was doing a GOOD deed and raising money for charity. Let’s be honest, there are SO many other ways to do that, not the least of which is digging into your “not-so-shallow” pockets and doling out some funds yourself.

He then drags out the announcement until he leaves Cleveland with NO options in the Free Agency market…they are S-O-L now. Thanks LeBron, for giving us no heads up so that we could snag one of these other guys…and people wonder why Cavs majority owner, Dan Gilbert, wrote this cute little letter to the fans of Cleveland…its a good read, I suggest it. How honestly refreshing. Yes, he will likely totally regret it today and issue an apology…but the message was sent. Yes LeBron, shake the dust from your feet when you leave Cleveland, because you are NO LONGER welcome here…he sure knows how to burn bridges…

Don’t mistake my meaning…He had every right to leave Cleveland. He gave it 7 good years there. He tried his hardest to win that city a ring. It didn’t happen. He has the right to move on…by ALL means…my point is, this wasn’t the way to handle it…
On the flip side, consider Kevin Durant. Durant was drafted #2 overall by the Seattle Super Sonics, turned Oklahoma City Thunder, in 2007. He came straight out of high-school just like “KING” James, was an all-American athlete, won the NBA Rookie of the Year award in his debut season and was predicted to be a game changer. He has turned out to be be all of that and more. However, one thing Durant is NOT, is an attention seeker…

Durant was eligible to extend his contract with the Thunder beginning Thursday. Durant has always been open about his love for the Thunder, his teammates and their fan base. As soon as he could, he sat down with management and signed a five-year extension to stay with the Thunder, even WAIVING his 5Th year opt out option! Then he quietly Tweeted his decision to his fan base on Twitter. No long-drawn out discussions, no guessing, no one-hour special. In a nutshell, Kevin Durant handled himself like a mature professional; and the kid is only 21. He will be holding a press conference today to speak publicly about his decision, but I think that is the next natural move.

Kevin is not a better man because he stayed with his team. He is a better man because he handled his business with his team first, with the public second and without making it about himself over and above everything and damn everyone and everything else to hell…

LeBron, you were out-classed by a younger, less experienced player…Durant gets my vote and you only receive my pity….

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