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Celebrating 28 for DAYS (not 28 days)!

>Well, I am another year older, wiser, wrinklier and grouchier…actually, that last one isn’t true. I am happy. I am content. I am loved.

As with most years I have managed to string out my birthday celebrations for at least a week…as I think everyone should try to do. It is a must, really…

I began with a fun little dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse with some of my girl friends. We made the decision SUPER last minute, literally the night before, to go to dinner so not all were able to make it, but we had a lot of fun! I am a big fan of Logan’s take on the Long Island Ice Tea…I tried the Blue Bayou this time…Tara brought a mousse cake and they gave me their best “YEEEEEEE HAW!”

They messed up almost every one’s food, but we rolled with the punches. Things got a little interesting towards the end because the much anticipated call came from the Banea’s announcing that baby Baneas was about to head into the world and Big JoD needed to head on over to take care of the youngin’s.

Saturday morning, my actual birthday, I had the traditional Zapara family birthday breakfast. We make this amazing breakfast pastry called “Bubble Wreath” that consists on Bisquick biscuit mix rolled into little balls, dipped in butter, rolled in cinnamon sugar and layered than baked in a bunt cake pan…My mom typically makes them, but because I insisted on leftovers, I made one as well so that we would have two (plus I got a pan for our wedding that I wanted to break in 😉

My mom’s signature birthday table is decorated with various printed plates, napkins, party hats and blowers….she loves to decorate the tables, she is so cute! We had my brother’s family there with us, so our party of 10 gathered in my parents backyard for brunch and it was wonderful.
We set up a little buffet table with the Bubble Wreath, my dad’s famous breakfast potatoes, Kendra’s egg dish and fresh fruit…I think I am still full!! After we ate and visited the forced me to open my presents…Derek had already presented me with the most wonderful and thoughtful gift of the day; a basketful full, and I do mean FULL of books that he hand selected. There must have been 20 books. He knows I love to read and that I have been remiss not to have any books at our house. He scoured a few new and used book stores and pulled together a fabulous collection that should keep me busy for at least a month or two!! ( I am currently half way through The Boston Strangler…don’t judge me)

My mom gave me exactly what I asked for: My body spray from Victoria’s Secret, lotion and she included a gift card…NICE. She also gave me books, which is a love that her and I share. We typically pass books back and forth. In fact, I picked out a few of the books from the pile Derek gave me that i thought she might enjoy and brought them over for her to borrow. Then I open a bag with shot gun shells in it…

At first thought it seemed reasonable because Derek has a gun and we always need shells…then…

Turns out my dad decided to give me his old .12 gauge pump action shotgun…wow…SWEET! The Jr. Zapara family blessed me with a gift card to Sports Authority which will work perfectly for a gun case! My mother wanted this picture taken because she thinks I have two sides to my personality, or perhaps I am just incredibly WELL ROUNDED!

After breakfast Derek took me golfing, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do in forever! My dad and brother came along and we went to Land Park. It was a hot day, but beautiful and we had a really nice time. Next, Derek and I cleaned up and he took me downtown to a place neither one of us had ever been to, Aioli. Wow, the Sangria and Tapas were AMAZING!!

After dinner we headed over to Hamburger Patty’s to visit our friend Rene and have dessert. We made quick work of a brownie sundae. When were were at dinner, we noticed that there were a lot of people walking around dressed like Zombies….that is pretty weird, even for downtown! It was 2nd Saturday, so Downtown Sacramento was packed, but ZOMBIES? So as we are hanging out at Patty’s all of the sudden a mass processional of Zombies marches up J street…there must have been 200 of them…what…the…hell? No offense to people who like drama (I took it in 7th grade) but seriously, these were all the drama kids that were outcasts in high-school…really really weird…

Needless to say, I had a fabulous birthday pre-day and DAY and I have so many wonderful friends and family members. I was treated to lunch today at California Pizza Kitchen by my mother in law and I am going out to drinks with some MORE friends Thursday(who couldn’t make it last Friday) Thank you everyone for making me feel like a QUEEN! A special thank you and I love you to my wonderful husband Derek who always puts thought into everything and goes the extra mile to make me feel loved and special. Today he presented me with ANOTHER birthday present that just came in he mail, the creamer that goes with our dish set; the final peice to the entire set! ( I know, I am a housewares NERD)


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