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Being a Professional…today seemed like a waste

>I hate letting people down. It doesn’t matter if you are my friend, my family or someone I hardly know. If I committed to doing something with you or for you, I follow through…I don’t like flakes and I don’t want to BE a flake.

Today I let a client down and I feel terrible. It was slightly out of my control as I ended up being double booked for meetings with out having my schedule consulted, but still, I feel terrible. They were upset, I was upset and it was a lame situation. Somehow I feel like I SHOULD have been able to move heaven and earth to make it right…pull an extra employee out of nowhere to cover me when I couldn’t be two places at one time.

Check Spelling
Today was one of those days that peaked my frustration of having very little resources at my disposal…I had no one to send in my place to either meeting/event. To the party that was left in the lurch, “I don’t have staff to cover me, so I have to cancel on you” sounds like a pithy excuse, but it is true. There was NO ONE else and the other meetings took priority (money rules the world right?)

What could I have done differently? How could I have avoided this situation? I know I need to let it go, but I am fairly sure I have not heard the end of it quite yet. There may be some lingering effects from the shortfalls today…some lost money (although more money gained from the other meetings, hence the decision) hurt feelings…

Life as a professional? I guess that is just life…


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