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It happens every year…

>Do you smell that? That is the smell of funnel cake, pizza, nachos and deep fried EVERYTHING. The California State Fair…it happens every year…unfortunately. That may seem a BIT cynical, but for me, at least the last 6 years, the fair has meant long, sweltering hot work days full of annoying fair goers (maybe it was YOU), sticky children, endless lines of prize whores (yes whores) and more sweat than I can produce in a week.

There is the other, happy side of the fair when I get to go as a spectator, enjoy a glass of wine, a funnel cake and look at the animals…but that is over shadowed by the impending DOOM of working the fair 2-3 days every season….These last two years have been particularly rough because I have no staff to help cover my hours. I have to beg and plead my none promotional sales staff to spend a few hours in the heat. They don’t do that. They don’t know how. I field tons of phone calls when their lines get too long or they lose a pen. Maybe the camera doesn’t work or the stereo turned off (it was unplugged). It is during those calls I think, “I should have just worked all 10 hours myself.”

So for many of you the Fair may conger up fun, childhood memories and you MAY even look forward to it. Good-for-you…

I say, DIE FAIR DIE!!!


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