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Summer According to Janna


Once a month I submit a piece for my company newsletter. This month I wrote about summer foods and activities….I thought I would re-share here: ENJOY…

In honor of summer and the weather finally blowing past 100 I decided to come up with a list of the best summer foods/meals. As many of you may have noticed, I love to eat…I can often be caught walking the halls with food in my hands, a cup of oatmeal, a candy bar, a Tupperware full of fruit or whatever else is lying around…What can I say? Food is meant to be eaten! Also, I have included a list of the best summer activities for you to DO while enjoying these amazing foods for your reading entertainment.

Top 5 BEST summer foods:

1. Crisp Watermelon
2. Fresh White Corn
3. Nectarines
4. Frozen Yogurt (I like marshmallows and sprinkles on mine)
5. Cold Pasta Salad (Filled pasta is the best, then any kind of noodle pasta with an oil based dressing)

Best Summer Meal:

BBQ chicken
BBQ Corn & Asparagus
Baked or Mashed potatoes
Fresh salad
Frozen yogurt or blizzards for dessert

Top 5 FunnEST Summer Activities

1. Camping (“Camping” mean no showers, no bathrooms and no running water, anything else is just staying in a hotel with no walls)
2. Baseball games (Giants, A’s and Rivercats are all super fun)
3. Hiking (there are tons of places to hike around Northern CA)
4. BBQing & Swimming, a great “daycation” everyone knows SOMEONE with a pool…make friends. Or go to the lake
5. Day trip to Tahoe, Napa, Santa Cruz or the coast


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