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Busy, Tired, Grumpy but happily married

>So I don’t think it would have taken a rocket scientist to know that between Derek job and my job, we both work a few late nights, some early mornings and have a little grumpiness in our lives…

Shockingly enough, I think in the 4 months we have been married, I have come home more late nights than him and I am SO freakin grumpy when I work long days…I am not sure I am cut out for 14 hour work days…anyway, I digress.

We are busy, really really busy. Between totally being overloaded at work, playing softball (twice a week for him now) house hunting, trying to hit the gym, working late nights and having at LEAST 1-2 other night events come up per week, we are out and about nearly every evening. When we are at the grocery store on the weekends we try and figure out how many nights worth of dinners we are actually going to cook in the upcoming week…last weekend we determined 2 (out of 7…ridiculous)

All of that is to say that we are tired. Maybe I am over stepping my boundaries in speaking for Derek, but I think I can safely say he is pretty tired. I know I am grumpy as all get out most mornings, some evenings and I have thrown several elbows in the middle of the night 🙂

I can proudly say though, that I am still happily married. I know I have had my share of snippy comments and frustrated eye rolls when I am super tired and grumpy, but I am so thankful to be married to Derek. He is my constant source of joy, strength, laughter, encouragement, wisdom and guidance. He is my life partner and no matter what phase of life we are in, we are in it together and we’ll get through it. Soon enough we’ll have bought a house and softball will be over and work (hopefully) will settle down and we’ll be bored to tears…maybe not, if we have a house then we’ll have a DOG!!! If you thought I was going to say a baby, please refer to previous post.


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