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It is a good Saturday


As I sit here, lounging on my couch with my husband surrounded by a clean home, clean laundry and watching the Giants vs the Dodgers I have to sigh in contentment. A perfect Saturday, truly.

Yes, I got up and spent two hours cleaning the house and doing laundry, but that is ok. The effect is worth it! Now I have the rest of the weekend before me with no “chores” and a list full of relaxation. Derek had a particularly grueling week so he really needed to unwind.

I was slated to work all day yesterday and all day tomorrow which would have made for a super lame weekend, but alas, I am here, home spending time with my husband instead and loving every minute. We went out to breakfast with his mom and grandma at the Waffle House before I came home to tackle the house, which is a nice way to start the day.

He went out to run a few errands and bought a new tailgating/camping BBQ and came home to put that together. I started a new book post house cleaning…we are currently consuming ungodly amounts of Jelly Belly Flops that we picked up last weekend…

Tonight we are going to hang out with my parents while they watch a classic car parade up J Street and then head to dinner. It is always nice to see the ‘rents…

A good Saturday? Maybe a perfect Saturday…He even brought me flowers home for no particular reason 😉

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