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The Office

>Maybe you’ll call me too reliant on my computer, my email and most importantly, my Microsoft Outlook, but holy crap, my Outlook has been down ALL day and I cannot do a thing…ok, maybe I have accomplished a LITTLE bit, so I have NOT accomplished far more…does that even make sense?

Fortunately I had several things to do today that weren’t computer related, such as a conference call (although the dial-in number and pass code were on an email…) my brother stopped by unexpectedly, which was a nice treat, a lunch meeting (I love CPK) and tonight, a concert (want a Fish tattoo?) so I can still do PART of my job…but I mean, no EMAIL?!?!?!

SO I find myself wondering the halls of my workplace aimlessly…what does everyone else do when their email is down?

  • Some employees were watching a YouTube clip of that car commercial with the hamsters…you know the one…
  • Our receptionist is doing her homework (good for her)
  • Couple people were standing at the copy machine and staring at its display as if they had never seen a copy machine before
  • Lots of closed office doors, BUT the lights were on, which means someone is home but they are probably on ESPN, facebook or target.com
  • The cubicle homies have to be more discreet…They typically make phone calls and pretend it is a sales lead…yeah right
  • Some cubbies don’t bother, they just all gather around one person’s cubicle and gab until our GM or GSM walk by and then they scatter like roaches when you turn the light on…BACK TO WORK EVERYONE!

All in all, I would say I have the best end of this deal… I have an office, no one supervises me and I can come and go as I please…so I blog…

Who needs E-MAIL?!


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