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Playing sports makes me happy

>After another win in softball tonight (yeah, we are undefeated with 1 game to play before play-offs) I can’t help but remember HOW MUCH I love playing sports. If there were ever a reason I would go back to high-school, and I DO mean this would be the ONLY reason, it would be to play sports year round. Those were the DAYS!

Nothing better than finishing the summer up with a full week of hell (literally, the week of volleyball training before try-outs were called HELL WEEK), volleyball in the fall, soccer in the winter (I’ll come back to that) and then club volleyball in the spring! I remember the year I Check Spellingrefrained from playing soccer because I was going to get a job instead…then I didn’t end up getting a job until the season ended (enter Leatherbys Family Creamery)…I was SO pissed…WORST WINTER EVER!!!

My senior year I played all my sports and then went straight to work, it was no problem…Just because I went to work like a nasty pig, particularly during soccer season because we played in straight MUD and I would often go to work with mud covered legs under those navy blue slacks…haha, no one knew the difference!

Anyway, I swear, those days were so awesome…I was in great shape, I always felt so alive and I was doing things I loved nearly every day of the week…I need to get back into it…something…ANYTHING!! I am pretty sure my knees will protest constant usage if there is running involved but I would love to get back into indoor soccer…or volleyball…who is with me?


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