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Happy Birthday Derek

> Today is Derek, my wonderful and loving husbands, 28th birthday. Although Derek goes out of his way to make everyone else feel like the most special person in the world on THEIR birthday, he would prefer to have his go unnoticed…fat chance. Everyone should be celebrated. Every person deserves to have the people who love them rally around them and let them know how grateful they are that God made them and placed them in their lives.

I know that I am eternally grateful that God made Derek and chose ME as his life partner. I am grateful for Derek every single day and could not imagine life without him. I have never known another person who is so thoughtful and specifically caring in my life. To the untrained eye, Derek may not come across that way, but if you have ever been on the receiving end of Derek’s thoughtfulness, you know what I am talking about. He pays attention to what people like, what they want, what they need and he fulfills those likes/wants/needs to the best of his ability.

Derek always knows what I want for my birthday, for Christmas or for any other gift giving occasion. He pays attention and takes mental notes…it is amazing his recollection ability. We always joke that he can tell me what I ate at any given restaurant we go to the last 5 times…except it isn’t a joke, he really can…

Unfortunately for him, I do not have the gift of thoughtfulness that he does…I am always searching my brain when it comes to what to get him for gifts…maybe that is because when he wants something, he just buys it…but still, I wish I could be more like Derek. Well, hopefully my present this year will be well received (although I may get a lecture for the $$ spent, even though he spends WAY more on me every holiday….he is the double standard KING)

Derek, Happy Birthday… I love you and I hope that we are still celebrating birthdays together when we are turning 98…ok maybe 88 because 98 is pretty freakin old and our physical and mental faculties will probably be gone by then….

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