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The Waiting Game

>So on Saturday we put in an offer on a nice house in West Sacramento. I think we are pretty excited about the possibility of getting this house, but of course, we are waiting to hear back about the final details being approved. The waiting game is not fun and I am in anxiety HELL…

I have successfully made it through nearly two full work days without incident, but if I have to go through another entire day tomorrow…it won’t be pretty. If you are going to tell me no, then just do it. Please…let me move on with my life instead of keeping me in suspense…
We have other options, this is just our FIRST option….

Earlier today on my Twitter update I likened this waiting game to having your fingers cut off one by one… I still feel like it is a fairly accurate assessment…completely unnecessary, unfair and just plain MEAN….

So I wait…As I try and waste another hour…hour and a half of the work day, in which I have lost ALL ability to concentrate while I stare mercilessly at my phone waiting for it to ring, I Blog…I hope you now feel the same sense of anxiety that I feel….waiting for the post when I tell you whether our offer was accepted or rejected…

Let’s be honest…you probably aren’t exactly having an anxiety attack over this, but if you read this and haven’t heard the update…pray for me… I need seriously heavenly intervention!!


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