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Sadness, denial, acceptance…rejoice!


Well, to update everyone on the “house issue” I have to first start by saying that I had come to a place of complete acceptance that we were walking away from the house. The builders would not meet us on our terms and Derek and I agreed that we would not risk moving forward on their terms. As our very wise marriage counselor once told us, “It doesn’t matter if you make good decisions or bad decisions, as long as you make them in agreement”

Well, we agreed that as much as we loved this house, we needed to be smart about the purchase. So as we were leaving town Friday to go camping, we made one last stand, they have to meet us on our terms or we will have to walk away. We did so with heavy hearts, because we loved this house. It possessed everything we want in a house and we were going to have to leave it behind…

I am a person who, as “christianese” as it may sound, believes that God has a plan and sometimes His ways are not our ways. I know that what we may see as a closed door sometimes results in Him opening us up to something better than we had imagined for ourselves. Sometimes it is just different, but it is exactly what He planned. It was in this mindset that I chose to accept the fact that the problems that we were having with this builder and the purchase of our “dream home” were God’s way of telling us that this was not His plan.

So with a sad but accepting heart, I choose to say, “Ok God, You know what I want, but I am not sure what You want…so I am going to trust that You have a plan and I will follow You where ever you end up leading us…”

We returned from our camping trip on Sunday and had an empty promise of a new contract from the builder saying they would fulfill our wishes, but we had yet to actually see that new contract, so we weren’t sure if we were going to get the house. Derek decided that we either needed to make this happen today, or we needed to finally walk away and put it behind us so that we could move on.

We drove down to the development on Sunday afternoon and sat there, texting and talking on the phone with the sales agent and the rep on site until we had every specification written in the contract that we needed to be comfortable. We were able to walk away with the right contract in hand, sign it today (Monday), have our realtor sign it and turn it in this afternoon…

We bought our dream home today. I don’t know what God was doing, maybe He just wanted our trust, maybe there are lessons yet to be learned, but God knew the desires of our heart and this time…the answer was yes.


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