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God please don’t let her snort tonight…

>So tonight marks a little milestone in my relationship with Derek…I am attending my first official “work-function” with him and his co-workers…

I am fairly positive that he is WAY more nervous about it than I am. I think I am pretty funny, witty and easy to get along with on a night by night basis (I have often said I am not a generally friendly person, but I mean I don’t just bring people into my inner circle for the fun of it). More importantly, I converse easily with strangers and I ALWAYS get along well with those who are significantly older than me, so I should be a hit with the partners!

I think his single worst fear is that I might laugh so hard that I snort…yes, SNORT out loud…Most of you have probably NEVER heard me do that because it does not happen often. In fact, it rarely happens in front of ANYONE other than Derek…Actually I think he makes it up…

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes!! I think it will be fine and I am looking forward to it. After all, he married me fully knowing who I am and how I act and that eventually he would have to take me out in public…will he regret it tonight?

Who has the over?


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