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Embarking on a new adventure

>Well, this blog was the first step in what I hope to be a long-lived adventure of writing extravaganzas! I can’t say I have found a brand new love of writing, because I have always loved it, but I suppose that I could say I have found new inspiration, new support and a fresh wave of courage to take a step I have always wanted to.

I am going to see if I can expand on this writing thing and take it to a new level. What that MEANS exactly, I am not sure, but it does mean I am going to hang myself out there a bit, open myself up to be rejected, criticised, turned away….and maybe… accepted as a good writer.

I am currently exploring potential avenues to take my new found courage and seeing what options are available to me such as online writing contests, freelance opportunities, story submissions etc…

Perhaps even one day I shall write a book…would you read it?

I know that I may never find success, but I also know that I love to write and that even the act of writing is love to me and that is enough. If I can find success in the process of doing something I already love, then I have succeeded twice. If I don’t try, than I will never know and I may miss perhaps the greatest opportunity of all.


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