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I could use a little humor

>Seems like work goes through the same ‘ol phases week after week…I’ll have a good week at work followed up by a frustrating, stressful week. One week I am loving my job, the next week I am searching Craig’s list for a new opportunity…

Needless to say, I could use a good laugh…unfortunately it comes at the expense of myself…of course.

So the last several weeks I have acquired 5 or 6 bites on my body. They are either spider bites or some sort of bug (dare I say “bed bug”). Now, because of these bites, I get into bed and lie awake feeling like I have spiders of bugs crawling in my sheets. I DO have restless leg syndrome, which cause me to feel like I have ants constantly crawling up and down my legs, but this is different, TRUST ME.

I realize this is irrational and unlikely….however, where did the bites come from?! My husband is so ashamed of me…and I think that he thinks I am going insane…I check my sheets before I get in them and they appear harmless, but now I am not sleeping at night….what am I going to do?


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