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Giants fans UNITE!

>As we sit 2 hours from the first pitch of the World Series I can’t help but chuckle at the SF Giants FEVER that has hit this city. HECK, this half of our STATE. Northern California is starving for a champion, for a Cinderella story. It has been a few years since any of our major sports franchises have reached the big one. Both the Oakland Raiders and the Giants made it to their respective “big ones” in 2002, before that we had the glory years of the Sacramento Kings. I was just a kid when the 49ers were in their hayday. I hear rumors of the Oakland A’s being good once, at least every time you get in an argument with an A’s fan they say “championship” because that is all they have to say….maybe this year we’ll have a little something to throw back at ’em!

Anyway, my point WAS, even those who wouldn’t have considered themselves Giants fans, or even really baseball fans have jumped on the Giants winning the World Series bandwagon. Typically, I am not cool with fare whether fans partaking in the glory of a winning team that they have not lived and died with all season. HOWEVER, in this case, I am going to say “GIANTS FANS: UNITE!”

The Gigantes need all the juju they can get and you know what? It is freakin fun to see post after post on facebook on a game day. It is fun to see people with their colors on, people wearing hats and eye black and girls with cute little girl Giants shirts on. I know that I can barely concentrate at work today, hence this blog post…I can’t wait to get home tonight and hopefully watch them take Game 1. If they don’t, well…tomorrow will be even MORE important. This is our year, I can feel it. Can’t you feel it?

I have a fever and the only cure is A WORLD SERIES RING!!


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