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They call me "The Examiner"

>So remember a few blogs back when I wrote about Embarking on a New Adventure? Well, my adventure has begun.

Nearly three weeks ago I responded to a post on craigslist for a “Relationship Writer” on Examiner.com. The Examiner is an online news, entertainment, and advice source that is nation-wide. They have local entities that are powered by local writers like me in 240 cities across the country.

Once I went through the application process and submitted a writing sample I was approved to join their team as the Sacramento Conflict Resolution Examiner. I published my first article, “Learn the love language.” the following Monday. Once my first article was approved and went “live” I now have the freedom to post whenever I want and can post content of my liking under the scope of “conflict resolution” and more importantly; relationships.

So….what does this all mean? It means I am trying to build up my writing portfolio, polish up my skills and expand my knowledge and network of this business called writing. It is going to be up to me to market my article at Examiner.com and increase my page views, article subscriptions and feedback. This could become a money-making venture for me if I put in the work. More importantly, I need to produce read-worthy articles to keep people coming back.

I welcome your feedback, suggestions and anything you know about marketing my article to the outside world. Also, I hope you’ll read it…

Ultimately, I am not sure what the final destination is, but I am looking forward to the journey.


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