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Lunch with Friends

>There is nothing that will clear the work-day fog from my brain quicker then having lunch with friends. Although sometimes expensive, meeting friends for lunch is one of my all-time favorite week-day things to do.

If I know that I have a lunch date planned with a friend(s) it starts my whole day off brighter and more positive. I come to work happier, I am more productive and I come back from lunch in a better mood than I typically do in the afternoons on a normal day.

There is also something to be said from an impromptu lunch date. What a terrific surprise to get a call or an email from a friend asking to have lunch together! “What are you doing for lunch?” “Nothing. You?” “Nothing…wanna meet in 30 at La Bou?” Ah…sheer bliss!

Perhaps in order to curb some of the cost, I should start have lunch picnics with friends…we both bring our lunch to work as we normally would and then find a neutral spot to meet and dine on our bag lunches…

The joy is in the company and the conversation, not the purchase of the food! Ok, I take that back…I think anyone who knows me knows how much I love food…

Anyway, the point is I want to have lunch with friends more often (but not break the bank) and keep the joy and productivity at an all time high in my life! Lets do lunch sometime…


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