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Getting back to it…

>The holidays have a way of taking a bite out of me, chewing me up and spitting me back out. Now that I am finally on the New Year side of the latest spree of holiday bliss I can finally breathe!

The Haynes household was the hub of this years Christmas extravaganza. We hosted 3 Christmas parties in 3 days…what a whirl wind THAT was. I think all in all we had nearly 40 bodies in and out of our house in 72 hours. It took a whole lot of food to feed all of those people, but apparently not nearly as much food as we MADE, because I was left with piles and piles of food afterward…bad, naughty food…the kind you want to eat but know if you do, the scale will be mocking you for weeks to come.

For New Year’s Eve thank GOD we ventured outside of our diggs to ring in 2011. We spent a robust evening with some friends throwing beans bags into a hole, playing beer pong and eating more of that “naughty food”. Derek and I made it until about 12:24am and then we headed home amidst jeers. On New Year’s Day I found myself again with a room full of boys watching the UFC Fights and stuffing pizza and cheesecake into my mouth.

So what does that mean for me today, the first day back into my routine of the new year? Is it diet time? Well, I won’t go THAT extreme, I will just say that it is back to oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, light lunches and I need to MAKE dinners instead of buying them…at least Derek would appreciate that.

My first efforts will be tonight with some chicken thingy…we’ll see how it goes…

More importantly, I am committed to blogging more consistently in 2011. I need to make my passion for writing a priority. I love to write and I need a creative release for the thoughts in my head. So far this is the outlet provided for me….until that changes, stay tuned!


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