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Adventures in Aerobics

>I didn’t think I would ever USE the word “aerobics” until I was at least 45 because that word conjures up images of old women in spandex in front of a gym mirror jiggling around…

However, I think maybe I was stereotyping (nooooooo) and aerobics is just a word for contained exercises with a leader…what do you think?

Anyway, my point is, after reading my dear friend Lizzy Lou’s blog entry about Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred video, I decided to order it and give it a go….I giggled after watching the first video because everything Liz said in her blog about hating Jillian was so true, although I myself work out in big baggy pants and a sports bra when at home (until I lose the muffin top, don’t talk to me about “running pants”) so I can’t empathize with her there.

So goes my mornings; my alarm goes off at an un-godly 5:45am and I quickly turn it off before it wakes my grizzly husband, I tip-toe downstairs and try not to stir Cali, because then she’ll be dying to join me (I made that mistake the first day and actually nailed her in the face while doing “butt-kickers”) and I turn on Jillian.

I spend exactly 22 minutes with her…2 minute warm up, 18 minutes of work-out time (3 six minute circuits) and 2 minutes of cool down. By the time I am finished Derek has woken up, taken Cali out to pee and we are ready to start out day. Typically the coffee’s automatic timer has just started to grind the beans and I am ready to pour a cup as soon as I get out of the shower.

On those rare occasions that Derek has sat down to watch me finish up my work-out, I find myself a bit embarrassed that I am standing in front of a TV, hand weights above my head, balancing on one foot and following after Jillian. He isn’t snickering, but he might as well be for the way I am feeling. Then again, I look at Jillian and her two “best girls” on the screen and I say, if I can end up like THAT, I’ll do this all day…

I am now nearly three weeks into my little routine and I am feeling great. Getting up in the morning still sucks, but I am more awake and feeling better about life when I get to work. Better yet, when I get home from work I feel better about concentrating on cooking dinner instead of trying to fit in a work-out and then heating up a frozen pizza. So really, Derek wins too.

This week I decided that I wanted a little more focus on my abs, so I decided that Tuesday and Thursday I would skip the video and just do abs. So Jillian gets me 3 days a week (and maybe once on the weekend) and I handle my abs alone (using some of her techniques) two days a week. I haven’t seen a huge drop on the scale, but I am feeling leaner for sure, so I may just be toning and swapping fat for muscle…hopefully…

I still have yet to progress to level three in the video. I haven’t fully embraced every aspect of level two withoutbreathing hard, so I don’t think I am ready to see what Jillian has to throw at me in level three yet. I am thinking this is going to be a 60-Day Shred…

I guess aerobics isn’t all that bad…


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