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So much time gone by…

>I hate that I haven’t posted in forever. I suppose I can say that there is only so much time to write in a day and currently I am writing a weekly column for the Sacramentopress.com, updating 4 Twitter sites daily and 5 facebook sites daily plus doing all of my other daily work…
I have also enter the world of writing competitions.

I say that gambling on the fact that my husband is not going to read this because I haven’t even told him!

I penned a story not long ago and entered it into a Writers Digest writing competition…I won’t know until nearly October if anyone liked it, but I took a bold step and did it anyway. I have had a few people review the story and so far their reviews have been positive. If the story wasn’t so long, perhaps I would be bold enough to post it here. Or maybe I am using its length as an excuse not to…

Anyway, I have found myself restless recently and I am not sure what my next move is. I think it is a professional restlessness, but if affects life as a whole. Personally, life is fantastic. I love being married, owning a home and having a dog (even though I want to kill her on a daily basis.)

So what is my next move? How do I cure a restless spirit? I don’t know. When I find out I’ll let you know.


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