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Seattle gets an A for awesome, Sacramento gets a B for better?

>As Derek and I took off on yet ANOTHER adventure (I don’t think I ever wrote about our recent Mexican Riviera Cruise) I left the wide-world of social networking to spend some much needed time with my immediate and extended family. The reason for the season was the graduation of my youngest cousin from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wa. She has been apart of the graphic Design program at WWU at was not only graduating, but displaying her wares (DESIGN wares) at a portfolio viewing over the weekend…HERE is a bit of what we saw from her workings.

My family, consisting of my husband and I, my parents and my brothers family (three kids in tow) all flew in to Sea/Tac and then cruised up Washington a few hours to B-Ham as we came to call it. Washington is beautiful country if you have never experienced it. We did our best to fit everything we could in to 4 days of Wa Wa state bliss…So what did our trip look like? {Enter Word Cloud}

Cloudy Skies, rental car (20-inch blades on the Impala), flashing lights, Washington State Trooper, “License & Registration”, Bellingham (B-Ham), janky hotel, beautiful Western Washington University, Subaru’s, hippies, artists, self-expression, When was the last time you showered? logos, printing press, family, Olive Garden, garlic fries, wine, Dairy Queen, The Liqueur store closes at 8pm? Wal-Mart, hard hotel bed, continental breakfast, pedicure, Starbucks, 100-proof vodka, graduation party, Alternative Library neighborhood, naked bike ride (yes) Rumba the 117 lb Labradoodle, The Bellwether Hotel, the harbor, the rock jetty, “Danger, do not cross, Do not Walk” Me and my 5 year-old niece: the climb, the fall, the scrapes, the bruises (me not her) The mosquitoes, the lounge, the family brunch, the family photos, Seattle at last, Stella the English Bulldog with the worlds worst under-bite, old friends, new friends, Game 6, BBQ, wine, the lookout, tourist Seattle, Pike’s Public Market, the fish throwers, the very first Starbucks, The monorail, Seattle Science Museum, Mariners game, Elysian Pub, Potato croquettes, sweet yam quesidillas, scalpers, patron, The Black Swan, creepy, sleepy, airport, return home….

98 degrees? WTF happened while I was in Seattle?


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