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Trying to sleep in the pit of DEATH

Have you ever tried to cool down a large, open aired house that has been baking in the sun for 5 days with no open windows and no circulating air? Let me tell you, I have never been to hell and I hope to never GO to hell, but this had to be as close as it gets!

We left Sacramento a cool, breezy 75 degrees. We spent 5 days in cloudy, misty 58 degree Washington. We come back to a 98 degree, suffocating Sacramento and a 8 month old boxer who is having a near death experience because she has never experienced heat before.

So then you ask yourself, do you turn on the AC and try to fill up this space with cool air and know that you are charging up your cooling bill as you do it? Or do you open some windows, turn on a few ceiling fans and try to circulate the hot air around in hopes of stirring up some cool air?

Decisions decisions…we have lived in this house since November and this is the very first night that we have had to deal with this. Amazing…so we chose the latter option and had the worst night of sleep EVER. I was so hot and grumpy the next morning it wasn’t even funny. Following night we took the high road. Turned on the air as soon as we got home, windows closed tight as a drum until the air outside dropped below 80 then opened them up and let in some breeze and turned on the fans…I slept like a baby and so did my pup pup…

Next stop: Whole House Fan…hum baby!


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