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Hello WordPress…I am going to OWN you

So if you have ever read my blog before, you have just now noticed that it is hosted on a new site and has a new look. I made a very grown up decision to bounce off Blogger (a google hosted site) and move my wares to WordPress.com

Why? Well, I am not an HTML wizard, I am not a graphic design genius (obviously if you saw the front page of this blog) and I am certainly not the next blogging prodigy.

What I AM is ready to try and take this biz-nass to the next level. It is my understanding that WordPress will give me services and analytics that Blogger did not as well as site building techniques that Blogger did not. I guess we shall see.

Meanwhile it is a serious work-in-progress so bear with me. It may look different every time you stop by. It may not. I  hope to be here often updating and re-working. Alas I am a busy gal with only so much time in a day and a growing addiction (according to my husband) to social networking. So I try and split my time between all the mediums to satisfy my needs. 🙂

Thank you for hanging in there…we’ll talk soon.


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