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Real Relationships…sometimes too real

I started writing for SacrameantoPress.com about four months ago. What started out as a one-time opinion article about wine tasting and then another guest opinion about the Sacramento Kings, somehow blossomed into a “verified Community Contributor  & weekly columnist” for my own relationship advice piece called “Real Relationships.” I take reader questions via email and do my best to give them sound relationship healing advice in the public domain. Sometimes people agree with me, sometimes they don’t.

I have come across plenty of adverse reactions to the kind of advice I choose to give. I would characterize myself as a conservative person in many many forms of life. I don’t know the demo of the readers for Sac Press, but it is safe to believe that they may lean toward the liberal side of the spectrum. I am ok with that. Sometimes people need to read about someone who believes in love, monogamy, forgiveness, healing, counseling, and sometimes walking away before they come into physical harm. Pardon me for still believing in what my parents taught me and living by the example they have set before me some 37 odd years later.

I suppose then that it is only natural that my friends and co-workers would gravitate toward me for advice both in relationships and just life in general. I can’t really pinpoint WHEN this started happening, but I can tell you it did not coincide with my writing a relationship column. The funny thing is, MOST of them don’t even know that I write a column. Perhaps there is something about me that invites their story. Something about me that says I will listen and not interrupt. Something that reassures them that their story is safe with me. I hope that there is something about me that reassures them that although life looks grim from where they are standing, God’s promises are new every morning and as it says on the left side of this page, He promises to give us hope and future and not to harm us. I believe that. I believe it for me and I believe it for you.

Right now things suck a bit (maybe they suck a lot), but you are not walking alone. I am here to listen, to mourn with you, to rejoice with you when things turn around, to give you advice or to be silent when you just need a friend. I hope there is someone else in your life close to you willing to do the same. If not, give me a buzz….I’ll listen.

Until then, life is full of relationships both romantic and platonic, happy and strained. Strive to be a problem solver (not creator) in the relationships around you, regardless of their place in your life. Neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, husbands, wives and children. All our relationships are important and have a place in molding us into the person we are meant to be. Don’t take those relationships for granted.

Those are my thoughts…


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