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You see the trouble with dogs is…


My adorable, sweet, “cuter than a button” faced Cali.

My destructive, chewing, digging, couch and plant destroying Cali.

Will the REAL Cali please stand up? Or shake or bark or something? I mean seriously…

Our little angel is 9 months old. I realize that qualifies as the “terrible twos” in dog age but how much is a person supposed to deal with? We have put up with quite a bit in the last 7 months that we have had her.

  • Pee on the carpet (of our brand, spanking new home)
  • Demolished door frames
  • Ruined couch
  • destroyed drap tie backs
  • dry wall consumption
  • Dress shoe dismantling
  • fence line digging
  • tree root up-rooting
  • drip-line un-earthing
  • Ink pen eaten and leaked onto carpet

What else….not that I am keeping a list or anything.

The thing is, she is so awesome when we are with her. ALL of the aforementioned things have happened in our absence. We each work a full-time job. Millions of people work full-time jobs and have dogs at home all day right? We can’t be the only people in the world dealing with this trouble.

Anyway, back to her being awesome. She is fun-loving, easy to be around, loves kids and is super patient with them and is a lover beyond comprehension. As my dad says, “She is a ‘near'” She has to be in the same room with you at all times when you are home. She loves her people. We are her people. We love her too, we just wish that for 1 week straight we could come home and not go hunting in the backyard for what she destroyed today!


Oh my Cali-girl….


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