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Social Media: What it means to me

Today, June 30th 2011, is Social Media Day.

Not just here in Sacramento, but around the world. Pretty impressive right? How many other days are celebrated in a world-wide level? Right up there with Christmas I suppose…. {I know, I’m hilarious}

So it makes me pause…Social Media has a DAY? What does Social Media (SM) mean in my day? Heck, SM IS my day…

In case you aren’t familiar with what I do, part of my current job is to actively admin 4 facebook accounts and 3 Twitter accounts for my employer, plus send our E-blasts, maintain web sites, upload video and photos when we have them and pretty much connect with the public on any digital medium that I can.

Granted that is only about 1/8 of my actual job description but I spend a significant amount of time on it every day. That isn’t even including my own facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/blog pages….

It is safe to say I spend more than the average amount of time “socializing” online with the public than a lot of people. SO what does that mean?

It means I communicate differently now than i did 5 years ago. It means I communicate differently now than I did 1 year ago. I can condense my full thoughts into 140 characters. Can you?

I connect with perfect strangers through Twitter and feel like I know them. In actuality I know nothing about them except what they revel through their Tweets and their avatar. Is that knowing someone? Sometimes it is.

I read blogs written by people I have never met and will likely never meet and I love them. I love their personalities and I love their lives. I love to read about their struggles and their triumphs. I love when they are honest about life and honest about how they are dealing with it. I love to compare it to my life.

My parents could never have dreamed that their would be a world in which I could connect through the digital written word to so many people across every walk of life.

My husband thinks it is weird and creepy and wishes I wasn’t so into “connecting.”

I think that we have just begun. I cannot wait to see what else is out there. How else can people connect in ways that were never available to them before?

So say that technology takes away the personal aspect of connecting.

I say that it allows us to connect and network like we would have never been able to do through phone calls, snail mail and coffee talk. As a professional I can only be thankful for the resources that I have available to me. Personally I am thankful for the outlets that allow me to express myself and read how others are doing the same.

So I am raising my glass to Social Media and to this day. Thank you.

Social Media Day 2011: June 30th


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