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Tortured by “What if”

What do you do when you are 6 years out of college, settled into your life and you finally come to the realization (that has been dawning for quite some time) that you actually know what you might be good at and what might make you happy as a working professional?

The answer seems simple doesn’t it? DO IT.

I don’t have the schooling.

I don’t have the training or the résumé.

I only have the insatiable desire with-in me and the seemingly innocent knack for it.

I swore I would never go back to school. For any reason. Ever.

Going back to school after so long in pursuit of a dream that I don’t even know I can achieve does not sound like a decision grounded in reality.

So I have written it off. Yet the desire still burns.

What if I DO go back and get certified for what I need and I make it? What if I realize that I am meant to do exactly that and I have finally found my perfect place? What if I can help restore lives and heal hearts? What if God can work through me to mend marriages and relationships, private hurts and public disagreements? What if there are people who might never find Him but for their interaction with me? What if lives are saved and dreams realized because of words that I speak?

What if I am too scared to try?


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