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Happy Birthday Derek

What is it about a guy’s birthday, in particular a husbands birthday, that makes girls and wives so giggly and sentimental?

Today is my husband’s birthday.

He hates his birthday. In fact, he hates any reason to celebrate himself at all or anything that might draw undue attention toward him. Which is funny since he is a litigation lawyer and there will be many times throughout his career in which everyone in the courtroom will be single-mindedly focused on him….

But I digress.

So this husband of mine who makes a huge fuss over my birthday and anyone elses birthday does not want to even acknowledge his own. Oh no…no no no this just won’t DO!

So I let him run off to work with just a simple ‘happy birthday’ and a kiss good-bye and then I hastily got ready for work and rushed out the door with plans to sabotage his clandestine birthday work-day. I stopped by the Nugget (only the world’s greatest bakery section grocery store) and had them write on a Oreo cake….yum-my. His favorite. I also picked up plates and forks so he could share the sinful birthday cake with his co-workers who would otherwise be drooling on his stacks of cases in his office.

So I parked in the back of his office, tip-toed up to his suite and slide the cake and plates over to the receptionist and whispered, “Could you deliver this to Derek Haynes? It is his birthday today and he doesn’t want anyone to know, but I want everyone to know.”

She gives me a conspirators grin and I know she understands…mission accomplished. I hope they shamelessly sing to him, throw confetti in the office and slap him on the back.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated at least one day a year.

Frankly, I celebrate my husband everyday. I am beyond thankful that he is my life partner and that God gave him life and delivered him wrapped in a bow to me. For that I am blessed to celebrate him everyday, but today he deserves a bit of extra celebration.

I love you Derek! 

Our favorite place to be!


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