The end of an era. The beginning of promise


The all consuming career. If you work in radio then you eat radio, you breathe radio and you dream radio. You field phone calls during all hours of the day, work all hours of the night, can never schedule a weekend out of town and you barely get paid enough to make rent.

Living the dream.

In all honesty I have had six terrific years in radio. I have had a blast. Two very different companies, different listener base: the same job. Radio is radio no matter how you slice it and I did the best I could. I met hundreds of people the last six years. I gave away thousands of dollars in “swag” and fended off gads of prize whores.

I made some lasting friendships that I will be eternally grateful for and picked up skills I will use for the rest of my life.

All good things must come to an end.

This is my last week in “the BIZ” as those of us in the biz would call it. I am moving onward and upward. I am leaving behind what I consider a profession that has kept me on my toes physically, but never mentally. I am ready for a bigger and better challenge.

Monday I start the next chapter in this book called my life. I like to think of it as my “big girl job.” This is the job I educated myself for. This is the job I have been building up my resume for. This is a job that is going to keep me on my toes physically, mentally and professionally. I believe it will challenge me every day. 

This is a job where I can grow into the professional that I was called to be. That is what I have been waiting for.

Katz & Associates. My new home. I hope to run into you. If you need me, that is where you’ll find me. 

Meanwhile, keep me in your prayers. This is a huge step for me. For both Derek and I because it will change a lot about the fundamentals of our day to day lives. No longer is he the harsh professional and I the softball radio worker. Now we both have hard-core careers and that is bound to cause some stress in our home.  

I know we can handle it. We are professionals. We are for each other. He is so proud of me for taking this leap of faith and going after what I want and that means a lot to me.

So now you know.


3 comments on “The end of an era. The beginning of promise

  1. Congrats! You have earned your way out. :))

  2. I think you’ll be surprised how much your radio ties will come in handy, and how often you will still talk to your radio peeps. I talk to some people almost as much as I did when I worked at the station! Congrats congrats Miss Janna, the growth you will gain from making this move will be huge! And I’m sure you and Derek will do just fine. 🙂

  3. […] the weeknights which inherently leads to cheese, chocolate and sitting on the couch. I am now working a job that has some stress. See: Radio jobs don’t have stress so this is new for […]

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