Surrounded by Katz

I am 3 weeks in to my new profession. My new life. My new persona.

So far I love it. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I am finding my place here and I am liking what I find. They need me here and I can bring them something that they didn’t have before. They are providing me with something I didn’t have before. The perfect relationship.

Gone are the long, dirty, sweaty event days. Days when I have dirt under my nails, sweat running down my back and my feet hurt. Gone are the loud hallways, angry staff meetings and constant hounding for sales, listenership and ratings.

My days are looking a bit more professional. Slacks, blouses and business cards. Quiet working environment because everyone is, ahem, working.

I went to an advertising agency party last night with a few of my co-workers and ran into many past co-workers from the radio business. Several of them had complimentary words for what I am now doing but one in particular stood out to me. I worked with him in the very beginning (as an intern) and have seen him on and off through the years. He told me how proud he was of me that I had started at the bottom, worked my way up and now found a great place to settle into a long term career. It felt good to hear that. For someone to notice how much work I have put in.

One of my co-workers discovered that I was leading a “double-life” as she called it when she saw my by-line on my Sacramento Press Real Relationships articles. We spent a few minutes discussing that part of my life and how she would really like to do something like that. I encouraged her to really press in to blogging, because it is a great first step.

I believe I am destined to be a life counselor whereever I land. That, perhaps is really my double-life.

Needless to say I am happy. I am settled. I feel needed, wanted and appreciated. Most of all I am challenged on a daily basis mentally and professionally and THAT, that is what I was looking for.


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