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Christmas: A season of thankfulness

It is the day before Christmas.


Christmas is SO hectic, yet such a joyous time. In three days I have six events to attend, two of which I am hosting at my house.

Thank goodness I have nine days of vacation to try and recuperate after all that! Then again, my vacation calendar is filling up quickly!

There is something magical about Christmas. I believe that Christmas is made to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the greatest symbol of love. Until the day that I die that will always be the purpose of Christmas. That being said, Christmas has become so much more than that.

Christmas is a time where family comes together in a show of love, generosity and thankfulness. I know you thought that was Thanksgiving, but Christmas holds its own umbrella of thankfulness. When I look around my loud Zapara family celebration filled with laughter and bubble wreath I am overwhelmed with thanks.

Thanks to God for the blessing of my family. Thanks to my parents for working so hard to make us into the family that we are. Thanks to Derek for being the best husband in the world, putting up with endless pictures and loving my family.

I love to watch my nieces and nephew go from person to person and snuggle on their lap or give them a hug. I love that my dog, Cali P was personally invited to the family celebration.

I am thankful that I love the family I married in to. I love that as soon as they walk through my front door they are all smiles and hugs. I love that they have so many inside jokes making fun of Derek as a little boy and they are still using them 25 years later. I love that they missed me so much when I couldn’t join them at Thanksgiving. I love that we always make way too much food and talk about cutting back, but do it again year after year.

I love that someday I am going to add my own children to these festive celebrations and they are going to grow up in a family that loves them. Loves them before they are even born. My children are going to have so many reasons to be thankful all year long, but at Christmas they will bask in the warmth, cheer and holiday cookies of a family who will never leave them. Never forsake them.

Just like Jesus.


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