2012 Resolutions

I don’t really believe in resolutions. I don’t buy into the thought that the turn of a new year gives you a clean slate. While I understand that people love a reason to start fresh, I believe that any day, any moment in time awards us this opportunity.

Waiting until the strike of midnight on December 31st to make a significant change in your life only prevents you from making decisions and changes that you need to make in your life at the time you should be making them.

I am not knocking new years resolutions. I only implore you to examine your life every day and know that you have the power to make positive changes in your life at any time you want.

Carpe Diem as they say. Seize the DAY not the new year.

With that in mind I proclaim my new years resolution to be:

Live every day as if it were January 1st.

At the stroke of midnight every night I can breathe in the air of a new day, murmer a prayer of thanks to my Creator that I am still here and make the changes that I need to make to be the best person I can be.

Here is to 2012!


2 comments on “2012 Resolutions

  1. Finally someone who doesn’t believe in new year’s resolutions. I share your opinion, very well written article. (:

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