Year two…fading into year three

Two years. How is it possible that two full years have passed since we promised to love each other no matter what?

I only remember parts of that day. Not because it wasn’t memorable, but because it was like a dream.  It was a day filled with laughter, happiness and the heaviest dress I have ever worn. I couldn’t WAIT to take that thing off. I remember meeting my dad in the ballroom before we were going to step outside and walk down the aisle.  I didn’t cry when I saw my dad, although I had braced myself for it.

I am not sure when he started to cry but I lost it as soon as I rounded the bend and made eye contact with Derek for the first time. The photos reveal that both my dad and I were having a hard time keeping it together. I managed to put on my game face once I got up to the altar, but it was a hopeless cause considering my dad was performing the ceremony. In fact, I think every person there shed a tear or two when my dad looked at Derek and said, “I am reminded of the Heartland song ‘Remember, I loved her first’.” Yep…tears.

Fortunately we all laughed when my dad had Derek say his vows and once Derek said “I do” my dad responded with, “You better, or I’ll shoot you with that shotgun she gave you last year.” Oh my dad…he does have a way with words!

I remember that as we took communion, which was the last thing before the pronouncement, we realized we never exchanged rings after the vows. I whispered (after we prayed of course) “Dad, we need to exchange rings still!” I bet if you were there you didn’t realize we did it out of order!

I remember after the ceremony, Derek and I walked back down the aisle and we stepped into the ballroom, away from the eyes of our guests and he looked me up and down and said, “So that is the dress I spent so much money on huh? I like it.” I swear, he said it in a loving tone 🙂

I remember our first dance to George Straight and all the dances we danced that night. We sure do know how to throw a party!

These last two years have seen so much change. In two years flat I went from a 27-year-old girl living with my parents to a 29 (almost 30) married, home owning professional. I also have a dog. Whoa. When I wasn’t looking, we kind of grew up. Now we are a stable, successful couple on the brink of turning 30 and the question is, what next?

I am thinking more like, “What isn’t next?” I am ready for life. I am ready to continue this life with my best friend and the man I love and take it on. Whatever it is, we can do it. Together.  It will probably be more responsibility, vacations, grocery shopping, balancing the budget, long nights at work and eventually, gulp, babies.

All I know is that if the first two years were this amazing, I am pretty sure that year three and beyond are going to be amazing-er. I can’t wait.

For now, I am thankful for happiness and love. I am thankful to have married my best friend and that we are still friends.

Year three. Let’s do it.

A quiet moment in time


2 comments on “Year two…fading into year three

  1. Johnny here. Yes, the dad in the story above. Makes me cry all over again. I love my daughter and my son-in-law, so much.

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