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The Fitness Challenge….this is where I get extreme

Diet. Exercise. Weight Loss. BMI. Counting Calories. Sit-ups.

Do any of these words (phrases) make you break out in hives? Yeah.

So I remember waaaaay back in the day when I was in high-school, I was pencil thin (too thin, but whatever) used to eat like a horse (the worst possible foods) and exercise was more natural than breathing, because I called it sports back then.

What happened to that girl? Oh yeah, she grew up and got a REAL metabolisim…and she stopped sports year round and got a real career. And. And. And…

So here we are today. I am 45 lbs heavier than I was 10 years ago (that is a 37 percent increase in body size), I have never-ending pain in my body (See this post) and I hate wearing anything that shows my legs (that might also be because I am white as snow).

Two years ago, leading up to a little thing called my wedding, I dropped 17 lbs in four months and I felt amazing. What happened since then? Well, I am not even going to blame it on marriage because Derek likes to work out, when he has time.

Time. THAT is my problem. I got busy. I got lazy. I started drinking wine on the weeknights which inherently leads to cheese, chocolate and sitting on the couch. I am now working a job that has some stress. See: Radio jobs don’t have stress so this is new for me.

So. That brings me to today. Tonight I embark on a six-week fitness challenge. I signed up for this program through our local West Sacramento Recreation Center.

The Fitness Challenge is a six week kick in the pants. We are assigned a trainer, a meal plan and I have to log ALL my food and exercise every day, weigh-in and get my body fat measured every week.

Log my food every day. Have you ever done that? Let me tell you, it is hard. The program uses an application called “My Fitness Pal.” I started over the weekend so that I could get used to the process before it started counting. It is depressing when you log your breakfast and realized you just blew HALF of your assigned calories for the day. Really depressing.

The application gives you a place to set your goals, log your daily food and water intake and keep track of your exercise. It combines all these details to spit out a recommended daily caloric intake for me, based on my goals. The more you exercise every day, the more calories you can consume and still meet your goal.

The most intense part is the fact that I have to print out a weekly report and turn it in to my trainer. I believe they call that accountability. Yikes. I forced my friend JoDee to sign up for the “My Fitness Pal” application so that I have an extra person to hold me accountable.

I will be meeting with the entire group (approx 35 participants) and the trainers tonight to have my initial weigh-in, take my body measurements and learn my meal plan and work-out schedule.

Best part of the application is that they have a mobile app so that you always have a way to log your food. The mobile app has a bar code scanning feature to help you log what you are eating. If you have friends on the application and you give them permission, they can view your goals, your eating for the day and whatever you did for exercise that day.

Time to get REAL.

Can I just tell you how excited I am about this journey? It is going to be SO hard. It is going to be SO rewarding if I stick to it. I am going to stick to it. My body needs this. I need a fresh start. I need this superficial  yet essential reason to be proud of myself. I need health.

I have some pretty heavy chips stacked against me when it comes to hard exercise and good eating habits (see health problems and time constraints, work lunches and sleep disorders). Do you think those are excuses? Yeah, so do I. Ok, they are real but they can be overcome.

This morning I got up at 5:45 am and went for a slow, short jog. I am not a runner. In fact, not only do I just personally hate to run, it hurts me. I did it anyway and I am so glad. I am super grateful it is light that early now so that I can get some exercise in before work. I wasn’t even late! Cali was pretty grateful as well.

So, will you hold me accountable? Ask me how it is going and what my biggest challenges have been. If you see me putting something decidedly unacceptable in my mouth, say something. If I am walking around without a bottle of water, get me one. If you want to make plans with me and I say, “Yeah, I’ll just skip my work-out today”, don’t let me do it. I’ll give you updates periodically through-out this process. You better believe I am going to report my progress, but I’ll also report my failures. My setbacks. As long as you don’t judge me and only use these experiences to help me meet my goals!

I am sorry if I am grumpy these next few weeks as I try to find a balance between health and deprivation. I know I’ll probably cheat every once in a while for my mental health. That’s OK, I will make sure to exercise a little more the next day. The important thing is that I never get so discouraged that I stop trying. I want to make healthy choices, not just diet. I want a lifestyle change, not just six weeks of crazy followed up by two months of binge eating.

I apologize to Derek most of all, he is likely to take the brunt of every negative aspect of this challenge. However, he is my cheerleader. He is excited for me. He is the one who discovered this challenge in the first place and encouraged me to go to the informational meeting.  He also plans to hijack my eating plan to benefit himself. Just goes to show that fitness and healthy choices have a ripple effect.

Fitness. Challenge. Ba-ring It!

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


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