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Fitness Challenge: Week one in the books

Last night I officially completed week one of the six-week Fitness Challenge. I turned in my eating/exercise log, I weighed in. Guuulp.

It has been hard. It has been easy. Every day has been a challenge in a different way. I feel amazing…

Some things I learned this week.

1. Healthy eating is intentional. It is hard work. It is time consuming. I spent 2-4 hours last week just planning, shopping and packing meals. That doesn’t even include eating them (which I am trying to do slower!) This week I wised up. I spent an hour Sunday night cutting, portioning, prepping food for my breakfast and lunches this week. All I had to do this morning was grab and bag! Saved me a solid 15-20 minutes.

2 . My husband is my biggest supporter. I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. Not only would my meal plan be different than his, but I would be getting up earlier, and getting home later due to working out. As if I wasn’t already failing at my cooking duties, I only cooked once this week and that was in the crock pot. Everything else was pre-cooked and warmed up for dinner. For my dear husband who does not like leftovers, he made big sacrifices for my mission this week. He BBQ’d, he choked down leftovers but most of all, he was a constant source of encouragement for me. He told me every day how proud he is of the planning I am putting in and how great it is that I am working out everyday. I feel so blessed that he is behind me.

3. I learned that I can maintain my eating style even when not cooking for myself. I attended a wedding and a special wine tasting event this weekend. Instead of throwing caution to the wind and devouring everything in sight (or fasting through the event) I chose to splurge, in moderation. I had a small scoop of this and one piece of that. In the past I have let these types of situations be my excuse to pig out. No more.

4. I learned that using a base caloric intake of 1200 calories with an additional calorie allowance for exercise is more than enough. I’m not hungry. I have plenty of energy. I get to splurge a little the more I work out. That said, what was I eating before? I know I was consuming nearly double that every day. Holy cow.

5. I learned that stepping on the scale everyday is probably not right for me. The scale sucks. More importantly the scale doesn’t have all the facts. The scale is unaware if I am swamping out lean muscle for fat or if I am just not losing fat. I had to keep that in mind last night as I stepped on the same scale I weighed-in on last week and learned I had GAINED 0.6 lbs.

I spent a full week tracking every bit of food I put in my mouth, depriving myself of my most loved foods and working out every single day (sometimes twice) and I gained weight. To my credit, 85 percent of our group members gained weight. The trainers had all kinds of reasons why this happens, but I was still disappointed. However, I am not going to let it get me down.  I am eating fewer calories and healthier foods than I was and working out more. Only good things can come from life changes such as these. I am looking forward to the next time I get measured, for that will tell the real story. However, the real story is that I am happy and feeling terrific.

I have five more weeks of this challenge. I am committed to success. I am committed to changing my lifestyle and making better choices.

I am excited to continue this challenge. I am ready.

PS, I also “learned” (see: remembered) how much I hate Burpees….


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