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Fitness Challenge: Week 3

Week three weigh-in.

I left work, headed to the gym and was resigned to the fact that I felt terrible, I had cheated over the weekend and I was going to back slide this week.

With that in mind I pounded out a few miles on the treadmill before the weigh-in, hoping for a last second miracle. Well, either I got one or I hadn’t backslide as much as I thought.

I dropped 2.8 lbs last week, by far my biggest achievement. I feel lean. I feel mean.

Lessons from last week:

I am still working out twice a day, although most of my body appears to be thanking me, my knees are plotting my untimely death. Apparently I need to invest in some Epsom salt and a few baths a week.

It is OK to make good choices when I am out on the town, but it is also OK to indulge (a little bit).

Soda is not worth it. Period. Even that Dr. Pepper I drank that tasted really good. I was bloated for HOURS after that. Lesson learned.

Running is hard. I really really hate it. However, I am determined to get used to it. I have made it up to two miles at a time. In the next two weeks I hope to get to three miles. That is my goal.

My dog runs faster than I do. I knew this already, but it really chaps my hide. I will also be working to match my pace with hers so that we can run together and she won’t embarrass me.

We actually do take our mid-challenge measurements next week…looking forward to that!


One comment on “Fitness Challenge: Week 3

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