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The Finish: Fitness Challenge Six Weeks

I finished the Fitness Challenge. Been there. Done that.

I even got the t-shirt! I feel great.

I’d like to thank my long-suffering husband Derek. Derek who encouraged me to sign up for the challenge in the first place. Derek who sacrificed a clean house and meals on the table so that I could go to the gym after a full workday. Derek who sacrificed his own manly workout to do burpees and run bleachers with me. Derek who told me every day how proud he was of me for eating right and working out. Derek who said that six weeks is just the beginning of a lifetime of healthy choices. Derek who has been eating less calories and skipping the good stuff because we are in this together. I love that man.

We had our “graduation” last night. As with other weeks, I was nervous about the final result. I didn’t make the meeting last week due to a late work night. Throw in several take-out meals due to a busy week, I was positive I had tanked. BADLY.

I told myself that regardless of what the final numbers were, I know that I made progress in my accountability, eating habits and exercise.

Speaking of progress…the final stats are:

Pounds lost: 7

Body fat lost: 4 percent

Inches lost:
Chest: 0.2
Torso: 2.1
Arm: 0.7
Hips: 1.6
Leg: 0.2

I consider those numbers a success. Particularly the body fat percentage and the inches lost in my torso and hips.

So what now? Do I go back to the way I ate and exercised before, perfectly happy to maintain? No.

I will continue to use “My Fitness Pal” to track my caloric intake and my daily exercise.

I will continue to workout daily. I am making an effort to workout every morning, because my day is so much better after I do.

I will continue to make healthy eating choices. High on the fruit and veggie intake, low on the carb and sugar intake.

If these are my results after six weeks, imagine what I can do in 12. Forever pushing onward…


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