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An epic adventure…the road to 30

Bamboozled. Punk’d. Surprised. Tricked. Conspired against.

So many words to describe the series of events that lead to the eventual conversation that Derek and I had Friday, June 22nd at 5:45 am.

Derek: “So, did you just get back from your run?”

Me: “No, I am about to head out. I’ll be back in a bit”

Derek: “Ok, have fun. By the way, you’re not going to work today.”

Me: “What do you mean?” {Confused face}

Derek: “I am surprising you with a girls trip this weekend. Your boss knows and you need to be at JoDee’s house by 9:00. Pack beach stuff, athletic clothes and a nice dress.”

Me: {Speechless}

Derek: {Silly grin that I have now come to recognize as his “sheepish, yet delighted” look when surprising me}

Me: “Are you serious?”

Derek: “Yes. I have been planning this for months.”

So the conversation goes as I ask him once again if he is serious. Where am I going? Who am I going with? You arranged this with my work already? How is it possible that I have seen all these people within the last week and NO ONE ruined the surprise?

Needless to say, I was completely surprised. I was in awe actually because no less than 10 people knew about this trip for at least two months and I never had a clue.

Not. A. Clue.

Impressive, truly.

ANYWAY, the story goes that I was whisked away to Santa Cruz for an epic girls weekend filled with fun, laughter, adventure, mystery and a lot of calories consumed, many of them liquid. We had way too much fun. If that is possible.

This last weekend my family took a short vacation to a cabin slightly out of Murphy s. The cabin was, um interesting, to say the least but we made the best of it and had a spectacular time being one with nature and all. We wine tasted, shopped, made camp fires and watched super lame movies. The cabin was incredibly outdated, so much so that the TV could only be used for movies, of which the house collection was eclectic…Beverly Hills Ninja anyone?

Derek and my nephew Justus had a fun little fling with a nest of hornets while they were collecting marshmallow roasting sticks. Hornets=8 (stings) Derek and Justus=0

Fortunately, out of nowhere comes the revelation that hornet stings can be treated with baking soda paste…although the cabin was ill equipped for visitors, it DID have a gigantic box of baking soda, so I made a paste and smeared it all over the boys’ stings. They both handled it admirably.

Today at work, I received a heart-felt card from my co-workers, very sweet, and a personalized gift of “30 blows, 30 sucks” blow-pops from my co-worker Kari. It appears she understands me. See photo.

The party continues tomorrow night when my love takes me out, hanging with some friends later this week and cap off the birthday celebration with a trip to Hawaii later this summer. I tend to drag out the celebration. Why not?

Tomorrow I turn 30. I am not worried about it at all, if you were wondering. No third life crisis here! Word on the street is that 30 actually ROCKS.

Frankly I can’t wait. My 20’s were amazing.

I graduated college (Can’t find a pic). I got a job. I got the man. He graduated law school. Passed the Bar. Got a rockin job. We got married. We got a dog. We bought a house (No pic, sorry). The Giants won the 2010 World Series I got a better job. I am happy. Really happy actually.

This last decade was capped off by the best two years of my life. Seems to me life is only getting better. My 30’s are going to be amazing. Bring it on.


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