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Digging up my passions

Its been nearly two years since I posted. I remember when I used this space to empty my mind, my heart. In the time since I have been here, I’ve been missing a special part of me that I let fall to the very bottom of my “must-do” list. My heart for writing.

I love to write, that is the bottom line, yet I haven’t been. I don’t have a good reason, or an excuse. I’ve thought about it a thousand times the last two years. I’ve drafted countless posts in my mind, yet none of them made the keyboard. I’ve wished for this release, had a hundred moments when I could have, should have sat down, as I’m doing now and given my urge its wings.

So why am I doing it now? I decided my priorities need a shift. I can forgo 10 minutes of text messaging or Facebook surfing or mindless TV watching to feed my passion. So I am. I hope to be doing this more often. Probably not daily, but when the urge strikes, here you will find me. I am not always interesting, full of conviction or even entertaining, but you will always find me being real here.

Until the next time.


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