I chose you. A CASA update

It’s been about two months since I started getting together with my CASA child. We hang out every week, for an hour or so. I pick her up, we grab some food. Sometimes we eat there, sometimes I bring Cali and we take it to go and head to the local dog park. She loves to hang out with Cali and fortunately, Cali has also taken to her.

Our time together has slowly blossomed into a relationship, both personal and fun. She is very open about her life and also wants to know more about mine. She shares about the hard stuff, the fun stuff, the silly stuff. If I have a story that I think she can relate to, I share that. We laugh together.

I think we hit a little turning point these last few weeks. She has been asking more about how I got into this and how it works etc. The first big revelation to her was that I am not paid for this. I volunteer my time and I do, in fact, work a “real” job during the day.

The second was last night when she asked me if I had any other CASA kids. She also asked if she was assigned to me.

I told her she was my only kid and that I was given several case files to read and I chose her. The look on her face when I said that reminded me of the reason this is important to me. She was chosen. Chosen as important. Chosen to be loved and recognized as a worthwhile human. Chosen to be given undivided attention, respect and a listening ear.

God chose me. To chose her.

I’m so excited for our future together.


2 comments on “I chose you. A CASA update

  1. […] I could write about the weekend getaways I go on, the softball games on Friday nights or the countless hours I spend at the gym. But it seems like those things just don’t matter in light of the life that takes place every day. There is so much more going on than the superficial crap that I do all the time. There is more in my life. There is more in my friend’s lives, my family’s lives. There is more in the news. There is more every Monday when I spend a few hours with my CASA child. […]

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