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Hope has long been my favorite word. I believe that hope is essential to life, to the soul and to my faith. Hope springs eternal from my life verse, Jeremiah 29:11. I look back upon the storyboard of my life and I know that hope has always been a theme of mine.

So much so, I am choosing to forever imprint it on my body this week. After Thursday I will officially be “one of those people” that you know that has a tattoo. It is a pretty big step for me. One I have thought long and hard about. A decision I have wavered about for years. It will be my first and possibly my last, though I do hear it is addicting.

The business of permanently etching something on your forever skin is not to be taken lightly. I always wonder if 10 years down the road people are like, “What was I thinking?”

I am scared, there is no doubt. I think the pain will suck, but I believe I can handle it. I’m scared that it won’t turn out exactly like I have pictured in my mind and I’ll be stuck with it. I’m scared that I’ll fall in love with it and want more.

What I am not scared about is the content of my artwork. Jeremiah 29:11 is a promise from God that has been, is and forever will be and hope is what I cling to from that promise. That will never change and I welcome the daily reminder of that promise and its place in my life. I am wrapping these precious words in cherry blossoms because not only do I think they are beautiful, but they represent the constant blossoming of hope in my life. 

I will not be posting a photo of the tattoo after I get it. It is not about that. Maybe one day you’ll see it, maybe you won’t. This step is between me and my God. I know people have a lot of opinions about people with tattoos, what they mean and what it means for their lifestyle. If you want to judge me for this decision, that is your problem. 

While you’re doing that, I’ll be over here, clinging to hope.



One comment on “HOPE

  1. I feel proud of you my sweetie pie daughter. I am thankful you have Hope. I am proud we are a family that has Hope as part of the legacy we pray to leave for those following. You are strong and courageous. Shine On !

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