Janna Haynes

Shadows and Sunlight

The first stretch of my run is the hardest. It is full sun, hot and harsh on my pale skin. I sweat more in the heat, run harder in the light, pushing towards the shade where I feel more protected, more comfortable. I do it week after week despite the discomfort, because exercising makes me […]

As a white woman

I was running in my neighborhood this morning, heading home, after dropping my kids off at daycare. I could see in the distance, in the greenery between the sidewalk and the street, that there was a black gentleman working on his sprinklers. He was on his knees with his head down, so I knew he […]

Jumbled thoughts in a jumbled world

Unprecedented. That is literally the only word I can use to describe life right now. How many times have I said “What is this world we are living in right now?” We’re in a global pandemic – a public health crisis. People are dying by the thousands, people are contracting the virus by the hundreds […]

Marco Polo Isn’t Just a Pool Game

Most mornings I record my first “polo” on my walk home from dropping the kids off at daycare. Simply a check-in, a rundown of what I have going on that day. We joke about my work “topic of the day”. I normally need to catch-up on everything that happened after I went to bed (anyone […]

We Cried Together

This essay was originally posted on Coffee + Crumbs as a guest submission. (I am SO geeked to be featured on my favorite blog!!!) My husband and I weren’t ready yet, so it was just her at first, trying month after month to get pregnant. Each month she would text me the large red circle […]

The walk to school

It took us 28 Minutes and 32 seconds to walk the 3/4 mile to “school” this morning. Now that we’re walking daily, Landon likes to run to school instead of riding in the stroller. I used to push the double stroller in case he got tired, but he has run the full stretch every day […]

Stream of consciousness – pandemic version

Anyone else feel like no matter how soon life gets back to “normal” you’ll never be the same? If I never have another conference call in my life, it’ll be too soon. Calls with 3-5 people are manageable, though still annoying. But these calls I’m on with 60 people?! WHAT PART OF MUTE YOUR PHONE […]

I should be in Mexico

I should be in Mexico right now. Or perhaps still on the plane or in the airport, but you get the point. Friday is our 10th anniversary and we’ve been planning a getaway for over a year. A week away at an all-inclusive resort – an homage to our honeymoon. We had a complex web […]

When Hope came home

A year ago we brought home our daughter, Cassadee Hope. Our first daughter, our last baby and the culmination of years of trials, failures, successes and holding onto hope. As soon as we found out she was a girl I knew I wanted her middle name to be Hope. Hope is my favorite word. Born […]

I don’t do well with free time

He told me to get out of the house. “I’ve got the kids, get out this afternoon – do whatever you want.” Turns out, I don’t do well with free time. Normally my “playtime” is careful scheduled, ahead of time, babysitters or husband securely in place, friends and destination lined up. Or I need a […]